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Imani’s Moon

JaNay Brown-Wood

Planning a unit to teach children about cultures from around the world?

This book is a wonderful tale from African folklore and is a part of our African Adventure lesson plan!

Touch the lion cub’s knee and stomp like a meerkat.

Goddesses are strong warriors!

Become the goddess of the moon (lead right into the next step)…

…(lead in from the previous pose) then tip back to touch the moon!

Remember to do both sides.

Stand tall and brave on the moon!

Remember to do both sides.

Scramble around as the ant and beetle!

Climb the tallest tree – remember to do both sides!

Be Anansi, the smallest spider.

With arms spread wide, soar as high as the treetops, by gently raising and lowering arms – remember to do both sides!

Stand strong, then jump!

Rise from the earth and soar through the sky!

Bring hands together, then tip to one side to hold onto the moon rock.

Switch sides, as you float from the moon to the earth.

Reach overhead, then bring the moon rock to heart center.

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