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In November

Cynthia Rylant

Stretch out arms to cover the earth in a blanket of snow.

The trees stand tall and extend their arms up like dancers. How still can you make your tree?

The birds who are leaving start their long journeys – remember to do both sides.

The staying birds crouch low on their branches to stay warm during the cold times.

Give a quiet and shivery moo, as the cow gets ready to sleep more in November.

Give a sleepy meow, as the cat gets ready to sleep in the barn.

Tuck down low, as mice crawl into logs, and bees dig deep into holes in the earth.

The dog stretches out in front of the fire place.

Take a deep breath, and enjoy all the smells of November.

Bring feet together to make a pie, the lift it up and carry the pie to someone’s home.

Think of what you are thankful for.

Create the roof of your house, and travel back home.

Brittle stars twinkle in the sky.

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