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It’s a Tiger!

David LaRochelle

Children engage in active movement and child-friendly yoga poses in this hilarious adventure with a tiger!

At the end of this story, have children think of the story they want to tell the tiger. They can share the story with the group, partner up and take turns sharing the story with their friend, draw pictures of the story, or build a group story!

Reach up high, and swing from vine to vine.


Gently make bat wings flap.

Climb the ladder to escape.

Hundreds of snakes!


Leap for the rope.

Land someplace soft.

Climb the rock and slide down the hill.

A boat!

Get down low and swim by moving arms and legs.

Peek through the lid of the chest.


With a big stretch, yawn a big yawn.

Think of the story to share with the tiger.

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