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It’s Halloween!

Children will explore all of their favorite Halloween activities with yoga poses!

From carving a jack-o-lantern to visiting a haunted house, take children on a Halloween yoga adventure, right on the comfort of their own yoga mat.

Take a deep breath in, and let it all out. Think of your favorite Halloween activity – and let’s get ready to do it with yoga!

Let’s start by picking a pumpkin to turn into a jack-o-lantern!

I’m going to choose a great big, round, pumpkin.

What kind of pumpkin are you going to choose?

Let’s see it!

It’s time to give your pumpkin a face.

Tip side-to-side, as you carve your jack-o-lantern.

What kind of face does your jack-o-lantern have? Show me!

Let’s get our yard all cleaned up – there are leaves everywhere.

Swing your arms side to side, as you rake up the leaves.

Whoa! That is a huge pile of leaves!

Now kick the leaves everywhere!

Take a little rest if you need to, then do it again.

Who’s ready for a little bit of trick-or-treating?

Let’s go! See how fast you can get to the next house.

And when you get there…


And say, “trick-or-treat!”

Let’s hurry to the next house, and do it all again.

There’s a special Halloween haunted house close by. The best way to get to it is on a hayride!

If you’ve got the space, walk around in this pose to get to the haunted house. It’s also ok to stay on your mat and hold this pose.

We’re here – this haunted house is huge!

I wonder what Halloween characters are waiting for us inside…

It’s a mummy!

Swing your arms back and forth, as you wrap yourself up.

Spooky spiders crawl over our toes!

Gently sway side-to-side.

And black bats fly overhead.

Gently flap your bat wings.

Finally, a witch thanks us for stopping by the her haunted house.

Put on your witch’s hat.

Happy Halloween!

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