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Jo MacDonald Had a Garden

Mary Quattlebaum

Throughout this book, encourage children to sing the song with you – it will encourage participation and help them to breathe while in the yoga poses.

The progression of the poses in this book will help to bring children to a more calmed and focused place.

Find many elements from this book in the Spring Mandala!

Lift hands up to face the sky, and feel the sun glow here, there, and everywhere!

Lower hands down and dig.

Wiggle like a worm.

Turn into a seed, and pat the dirt into the ground.

Tip the watering can and sprinkle water onto the plants – remember to do both sides!

Gently raise and lower arms as the bird flies into the garden – remember to do both sides!

Scoop up one foot to grow some flowers, and the next foot to grow some veggies. Sit nice and straight as the garden grows and grows.

Pick on each side – keep going!

Put the garden treat into a bowl.

Say “shh-shh” as the garden rests.

Calmly sing the reprise of the song together.

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