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Jo MacDonald Hiked in the Woods

Mary Quattlebaum

Throughout this book, encourage children to sing the animal sounds and “E-I-E-I-O” with you – it will encourage participation and help them to breathe in the poses.

Gently flap woodpecker wings – remember to do both sides!

Send the squirrel’s bushy tail up to the sky – remember to do both sides!

Let’s see that big turkey tail!

You’re the might oak the acorn fell from – remember to do both sides!

Slither and hiss.

Carefully tuck into the turtle’s shell.

Pad-pad around the woods as the skunk – walking around like this is great exercise!

Gently flutter the moth’s wings and wiggle the moth’s antennae!

Perch on the tree branch and give a “hoo-hoo!”

As Jo falls asleep, gently roll back from Owl Pose and sing “E-I-E-I-ZZZZZ.”

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