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Jo MacDonald Saw a Pond

Mary Quattlebaum

Throughout this book, encourage children to sing the song with you – it will encourage participation and breathing while in the yoga poses.

Reeds gently swish around the pond.

Say “blurp blurp” to Jo, as the fish fin pokes out of the pond water.

Keep the frog sitting on a lilypad – or to get some energy out, hop around!

Give a “quack” and gently swish the duck’s tail in the water.

Gently flap the bird’s wings and say “scree-scree” – remember to do both sides!

Send the raccoon’s fluffy tail up to the sky – remember to do both sides!

Touch the bottoms of your feet together to form the pond, then lean forward to take a drink of water.

Form the dragonfly’s body, then spread your wings out to the side.

All of the animals go scurrying away.

Where is all the chit-chat? Listen to the quiet.

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