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Journey to Space

Journey into outer space with yoga adventures that bring children to the moon and back!

This yoga class lesson plan uses all space-themed yoga activities, including the class story time, a yoga game, a calming yoga adventure, and closes with themed savasana.

Join Papa, as he climbs all the way up to the moon, in Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me.

Bring out your lunar rover and drive around in this fast-paced game of Space Tag!

Blast Off is a yoga adventure into outer space, engaging children in active play and large muscle movement.

At the end of the adventure, children will be in a calmer and more focused place.

Children have the chance to explore the quiet side of space, while coloring the Outer Space Mandala.

To close your space-themed yoga class, have children lay on their mats, in resting star pose.

Remind them to think about the calmness of night, perhaps counting the stars in the sky, and if they are lucky, finding a shooting star.

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