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Let’s Go Fly a Kite

It’s time to fly a kite with yoga poses!

This adventure pairs perfectly with a unit on spring, summer, wind, or when the weather is rainy and kids are thinking of playing outside.

The wind is blowing – what a perfect day to fly a kite!

Take a deep breath in, then blow it all out.

Let’s walk to the park!

And climb a tall hill – perfect for flying a kite!

Stand tall, and feel the breeze on your face.

Are you ready to fly your kite?

Slowly let the string out and watch as your kite flies into the sky.

Switch sides, and continue to watch your kite soar!

Hold onto your kite string, as the wind lifts your kite higher and higher.

Switch sides, as you feel the wind blow your kite from one side to the other.

Tip to one side, and then the other – you are a kite flying high above the ground!

When you are ready to lower your kite back to the ground, pull the string down by touching your hands to your opposite toes.

Keep switching sides until your kite is all the way down.

Take a seat in the grass, and twist to one side to put your kite in your backpack.

Now twist to the other side, and zip your backpack.

Reach up over your head, and grab a bit of sunshine. Now pull it down to your heart.

What a wonderful time flying a kite!

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