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Little Cloud

Eric Carle

Encourage children to use their imaginations when they look up to the sky! Explore cloud shapes with Eric Carle, and find a variety of objects in the sky above.

If you can take this story time outside, have children spend some time finding hidden objects in the clouds. You can follow it up with an art project, where children glue cotton balls to blue paper to recreate what they saw. This entertaining way to connect with nature is always a favorite!

Push the clouds up and away.

Then bring hands down to touch the tops of the houses and trees – gently sway back and forth.

Jump out, into a giant cloud!

Change into a sheep, and say “baaaaaaa”.

Change into an airplane and make the sound of the plane taking off – remember to do both sides!

Change into a shark, with your fin sticking out of the ocean.

Make the sound of the wind blowing the tree branches – remember to do both sides!

Change into a rabbit with long ears.

Change into a hat…

…open from the hat into a clown!

Come back to the other clouds.

Rain down to the ground.

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