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Little Frog and the Scary Autumn Thing

Jane Yolen

Little Frog is experiencing fall for the first time. Everything looks new, and the changes seem scary.

Children learn how to approach changes and new situations, with breathing and yoga poses!

Sit on your lily pad, and look around at all the different colors that surround you.

Gently sway on your lily pad.

Remember how you feel here – calm, happy, peaceful.

Time to be brave and check out the fall colors!

Hop into the water, and stretch out your arms and legs to go for a swim.

Return to sitting as you reach the shore.

Create the colorful trees of the woods, and imagine the color of the leaves on your branches.

Remember to do both sides.

Twist and turn as a whooshes through the trees, and the leaves rain down and swirl around.

Check out the scrape on your right knee.

Then switch sides, to check out your left knee.

Tuck in, look around, and listen to the sounds of the woods.

Take a deep yoga breath, and see how this makes you feel. Try another one.

Send your squirrel tail up to the sky.

Say “chirrrrrr”, the voice of the squirrel up in the tree.

It’s Papa Frog, sitting up on top of a huge pile of colorful leaves!

Elbow-to-knee, as you climb up the pile of leaves.

Roll backward, as you slide down the pile of leaves.

See if you can roll yourself back up without using your hands.

Then slide down again and again!

Bring your feet together, to make a fresh shoo-fly pie for dinner.

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