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Love and Kindness

Love is a concept that can be so simple and so complicated, all at once. There are many ways to show love, and many parts of our world to share love with!

Engage children in a conversation about how they can show love to:

  • Other people
  • Animals
  • The Earth
  • Themselves!

Offering a helping hand is a great way to show love and kindness to other people!

Can you think of two ways you can help others?

Reach one helping hand to the sky, then switch sides!

Giving hugs is a great way to people that you love them and want them to be happy!

Remember to give to hugs – once with each arm on top.

Taking animals for a walk so they can get fresh air and exercise shows them we care about their health and happiness.

Walk (or run) in place!

Playing games with animals shows them that we love them and have fun with the time we spend with them.

Dogs love to play fetch – turn your body into a ball and give it a throw!

How else can you play with your pets?

Recycling things like paper and glass help to keep our planet clean.

Do you know where your family and school put things to recycle?

Hands to your opposite toes as you place items in the recycling bin!

Planting trees helps to clear the air for everyone!

Take a deep breath, and think about what kind of tree you would like to plant. Remember to do both sides!

Think of something you love about yourself, then say it proudly! Switch sides, then do it again.

Positive examples for the class to think about:
“I am smart”
“I am funny”
“I am creative”
“I am kind”
“I am capable”

When children are encouraged to say their own affirmation, the room will be filled with the powerful strength of self-love.

Think of the people in your world who love you.

Now stretch your arms out wide, and open your heart to their love!

Bring your hands together, and bring all the love to your heart.

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