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Love Will See You Through

Angela Farris Watkins

This book honors the 6 guiding beliefs of Martin Luther King Jr.

The yoga poses are used to help children embrace the principles in the book.

1. Have Courage

Use the affirmations “I am strong” and “I am brave” to help children find strength and courage from within.

2. Love Your Enemies

This heart-opening pose can be held for a minute, while children think of something good in everyone.

3. Fight the Problem, Not the Person Who Caused It

Calm the mind, and focus energy to work on identifying the problem and how to solve it.

4. When Innocent People are Hurt, Others are Inspired to Help

This powerful pose will open the heart, and lifts a hand to help those in need.

5. Resist Violence of Any Kind

Have children stand in a circle, extend their hands and open their hearts. Holding hands will help to remind everyone that we are all connected.

6. The Universe Honors Love

Bring hands to heart center and take a few breaths. Feel how love flows throughout the body and around the room.

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