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Making Shapes

Turn your body into shapes with yoga!

Preschool aged children will love turning their bodies into shapes as a way to demonstrate the shapes they’ve learning.

This is an excellent, interactive way to add some movement to math class for children in elementary school.

Place your hands and knees on your mat, and turn your body into a square with Table Pose.

Lower your tummy to your mat, reach your hands back to hold your ankles, and see if you can lift your body into an oval in Floor Bow!

Come to sit on the floor, then tuck your body into a circle.

Make your circle Rock and Roll!

Return to sitting, and rest your hands on your mat behind you.

Lift your body into a rectangle, as you hold Reverse Table Pose.

Stand tall, and turn into a 5-pointed star.

Give yourself a nice stretch in Star Pose.

Each hand and each foot become the four points of a diamond.

Carefully shift your body into a diamond and try to hold your balance in Tipping Star Pose.

Remember to do both sides!

Let’s make a triangle! Your two feet and upper hand create the three points of the triangle.

Return both feet to your mat, turn one foot out, and tip your upper body into Triangle Pose.

Remember to do both sides!

Step your feet together, and stand tall in Mountain Pose.

It was so much fun turning our bodies into shapes!

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