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Mermaid Pose

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana


Promotes full body flexibility, strengthens lower body, stretches the legs and abdomen, improves flexibility in spine and hips, elongates the spine.

Step 1

Begin in Table Pose.

Step 2

Bring one knee forward, behind your hands.

Step 3

As you lower yourself to sitting, allow your front leg to fall open, resting your outer shin on your mat.

Step 4

Keep your back leg bent comfortably.

Step 5

Lift your hand on the side of your front leg up to the sky, and rest your other hand on your back leg.

Step 6

Look up at your fingers for a couple of breaths.

Step 7

Place both hands on your mat and return to Table Pose.

Step 8

Repeat on your opposite side.

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