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Mouses’s First Spring

Lauren Thompson

Looking to plan a spring themed unit? We have a Spring Lesson Plan!

Create the windy spring day – take a deep breath in, and blow it out!

You’re a glittery and flittery butterfly!

Wiggle antennae and gently flap your wings as the butterfly flies away.

Create the shape of the leaf by bringing feet to touch.

Gently tuck down, as the snail hides away.

You’re a feathery and plump bird, sitting on a branch!

Rise and flap your wings, as the bird darts away – remember to do both sides!

The frog is green and peeping by the pond.

Give a couple of jumps as the frog hops away – say “ribbit!”

Stretch into a pink and wiggly worm!

Gently wiggle your body as the worm slides away.

You’re a sweet and petally flower!

As the wind blows mouse away, gently release the pose.

Feel “something soft and cuddly and oh-so-cozy”.

Open arms and “oooch! came a hug!” – put the opposite arms on top this time.

It’s ok to stay seated for this pose.

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