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Nighttime Stretches

This relaxing sequence gives children a full body stretch and helps to get their bodies ready for bed.

You can also use this with children right before nap time!

Begin in Mountain Pose.

Slowly stretch your arms up to the ceiling in Upward Salute.

Bring your hands to touch, and slowly bend your body to one side, and then the other, in Crescent Moon Pose.

Step your feet apart, and lower your arms to be parallel to the floor, as you come into Star Pose.

Turn one foot out, and tip your upper body into Triangle Pose.

Remember to do both sides.

Step your feet back together, and allow your upper body to bend forward into Ragdoll Pose.

Slowly come to your place to rest, and bring your knees up into Wind Relieving Pose.

Gently release your knees, and comfortably settle into Corpse Pose.

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