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Over and Under the Snow

Kate Messner

Glide over the snow and into the woods – remember to do both sides!

Tuck in, under the snow – there’s a whole secret kingdom of animals down there.

Fingers twinkle, as leaves rattle on the branches.

Switch sides, and hold the owl up high.

A tiny shrew runs under toes.

Tiptoe around and make some tracks.
What kind of tracks are in the snow?

Now switch to taking bigger steps, and climb over the snow.

Tuck behind a spruce, and grow snowshoe hare’s long white ears.

Bullfrogs snooze, and dream of warm days.

Little mountains hide the beavers.

A bushy-tailed fox appears, and quietly listens as he hunts for his dinner.

Over the snow, the moon lights the way.

Under your toes, the chipmunk and bear find warmth and shelter.

Under the snow, the queen bumblebee sleeps.

Feathery-soft snowflakes fall.

Snuggle under the covers, and dream of winter animals.

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