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Over in the Jungle

Marianne Berkes

Grab onto a vine, and swing from tree to tree.

Flit and flutter by gently bouncing knees and wiggling antennae.

Squawk and walk, by slowly raising and lowering arms.

Remember – making animal noises encourages breathing while in poses!

Scurry and hurry – walk around like this!

Scramble and ramble towards the hive – how fast can you go? How slow can you go?

Give a big snake hiss!

Leave hands on the floor, straighten legs to hop, then return to sitting frog.

To add in active movement, hope around!

Pounce and bounce on your mat, then FREEZE!

Creep ever so slowly across the vine, as your hand extends across your body.

Remember to do both sides!

Create a den, then quietly hoot and holler.

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