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Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me

Eric Carle

Join Papa, as he climbs all the way up to the moon!

This book is also a delightful addition to the Outer Space lesson plan.

The moon looks so near – reach up for it!

Switch sides, as Monica continues to try to touch the moon.

Carry the ladder to a very high mountain.

Put the ladder against the top of the mountain.

Climb up and towards the moon!

The moon is much too big to carry down!

As the moon gets smaller and smaller, step feet together and reach up.

Stretch to one side, then the other.

Reach up and take the moon.

Twinkle fingers down to the floor, as Papa climbs down the ladder.

Gently rock back-and-forth, to play with the moon.

Create the house with your hands, and see the moon up in the sky.

Reach up overhead. As the moon grows and grows, twinkle fingers down to trace the outline of the full moon.

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