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Pipe Cleaner Yoga Poses

Creating yoga poses with pipe cleaners is a fun craft for all ages!

Children in preschool and kindergarten will work on their fine motor skills and patience, while older children may work faster and thrive on the challenge. Help children to stay focused, on task, and enjoy the process.

Here are some unique new ways to incorporate pipe cleaner yoga poses with mindfulness, yoga classes, and teamwork!

What you need:

  • Pipe cleaners or bendable sticks (the brand Wikki Stix works great!)

How to use in class:

  • Single poses: Simply have children create their favorite yoga pose out of pipe cleaners! This is perfect for younger children, or when you are looking for a faster project in class.
  • Favorite poses: Have children create their favorite yoga pose from pipe cleaners. Ask them to share the reason it’s their favorite pose. Examples: “I like warrior, because it reminds me I am strong”, “I like to rest in child’s pose”, “I love how fun three-legged dog is!”
  • Create a sequence: For a group project, have children work together to create a sequence out of pipe cleaner poses. Then have the class perform the sequence!

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