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Pirate’s Buried Treasure

Get ready for a pirate adventure in full pirate glory!

Ye’ll be speaking like a pirate on this hunt fer buried treasure.

Let the search begin!

Ahoy me hearties – climb aboard me pirate ship!

This day we’re goin’ to search fer buried treasure.

If ye ship be feeling balanced, let the wind blow in ye sails.

Get out ye telescope ‘n take a look – thar’s land ahead!

We’ve reached th’ shore o’ a desert island.

Sit in th’ sand ‘n take a look at ye treasure map.

Accordin’ to th’ map, we need to head ten paces ’tis way.

Count wit’ me!

Blimey, we found a coconut tree!

Remember t’ do both sides.

Now our trusty map says to take eight steps ’tis way – count wit’ me!

Yo ho, me hearties – look what we found!

X marks the spot!

Step your feet together and hands down low.

Now start t’ dig!

Fire the cannons – we found our booty chest!

On th’ count o’ three, we’ll open it up.

Count wit’ me – one, two…


Thar be gold shimmerin’ everywhere!

Thank ye for joinin’ me on th’ booty hunt – it were bein’ a a lot o’ fun and a bucket o’ fun!

See ye fer our next adventure!

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