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Pirate’s Buried Treasure

Get ready for a pirate adventure in full pirate glory!

Ye’ll be speaking like a pirate on this hunt fer buried treasure.

Let the search begin!

Ahoy me hearties – climb aboard me pirate ship!

This day we’re goin’ to search fer buried treasure.

If ye ship be feeling balanced, let the wind blow in ye sails.

A beautiful mermaid be swimmin’ beside us!

Switch sides – and find another mermaid on the other side o’ our ship!

Get out ye telescope ‘n take a look – thar’s land ahead!

We’ve reached th’ shore o’ a desert island.

Sit in th’ sand ‘n take a look at ye treasure map.

Accordin’ to th’ map, we need to head ten paces ’tis way.

Count wit’ me!

Blimey, we found a coconut tree!

Remember t’ do both sides.

Now our trusty map says to take eight steps ’tis way – count wit’ me!

Yo ho, me hearties – look what we found!

X marks the spot!

Step your feet together and hands down low.

Now start t’ dig!

Fire the cannons – we found our booty chest!

On th’ count o’ three, we’ll open it up.

Count wit’ me – one, two…


Thar be gold shimmerin’ everywhere!

Thank ye for joinin’ me on th’ booty hunt – it were bein’ a a lot o’ fun and a bucket o’ fun!

See ye fer our next adventure!

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