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Pirates Set Sail

Build a pirate ship with yoga poses – this game is perfect for groups of up to 10 kids!

Have each child hold a yoga pose as they build their pirate ship. Once each child is holding a pose, call out “LAND HO!”. The children can release their yoga pose as the ship approaches land.

As the new ship sets sail, challenge children to switch to a new yoga pose as they build a new pirate ship.

Repeat this several times, so children get to move their bodies in different ways.

You can have children build a full pirate ship, with each child holding a different yoga pose.
Or let children get creative and build a ship with whatever they want – 3 treasure chests, 2 telescopes, and 4 flags!

Look out through the ship’s telescope.

Walk the plank!

Build a strong mast.

Raise the pirate flag!

A sturdy bow and stern of the ship – two kids can face each other to build this!

Sharks are circling the ship!

The treasure chest is hidden down below.

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