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Pom Pom Painting

Painting with pom poms is an excellent way for children to work on fine motor skills, mindfulness, and creativity!

Bright and colorful, and so easy to pair with any class theme – kids in preschool and kindergarten will embrace the chance to express their artistic side as they focus on completing this craft project.

Enjoy these ways to bring pom pom paintings into any yoga or mindfulness class!

What you need:

  • Clothespins
  • Paper
  • Paint tray
  • Washable paints

How to make pom pom paintings:

  • Fill the paint tray with different paint colors.
  • Scatter pom poms and clothespins on the table.
  • Have children use a clothespin to pick up a pom pom, and carefully dab it into the paint, and then onto their paper.

Some kids will dab for the entire project, while others will start to use the pom poms like a paint brush. Let them explore the different ways they can paint with these brushes!

Have fun finding different ways to pair this project with your class theme!

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