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Rain Play

Cynthia Cotten

Children welcome a rain storm with yoga!

In this story, themed yoga poses and breathing exercises are used to blow in a rain storm, create rain and thunder, and play in the rain – all while staying warm and dry.

Kids will stretch, move, and build strength, and then slowly wind their bodies down as the storm passes to a calm day.

Deep breaths create the wind that brings in the dark clouds.

Gently sway your tree branches in the breeze, and feel the first drops of rain come down.

Remember to do both sides!

As the rain comes down, reach up to the sky, and rain fingers down to the ground.

Think about how rain feels on your skin.

Have fun staying and playing!

You’re the flower in the shower!

Reach up high, then rain hands to the floor to splish and splash.

You’re a boat!

If you are able, float into Full Boat Pose.

Lift up, as the rain fills your leaf.

Have fun puddle stomping!

Say “FLASH! BOOM!” as a crash of thunder and bolt of lightening fill the sky.

Tick-tock back and forth, swishing the wipers and feeling wet shoes.

Wrap arms around your body to feel snug, warm, and dry.

Remember to give two hugs, one with each arm on top.

Feel the warmth of the sun!

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