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Red, White, and Boom

Take a yoga walk to the park, spread out your blanket, and become a spectacular fireworks show!

Perfect to use for Fourth of July themed classes, or any summer adventure.

The sun is almost down, which means it’s time to go see fireworks!

Let’s walk to the park, and take some deep breaths of nighttime air.

Take a little break, and enjoy the night sky.

Spread your arms and feet out wide, as the stars begin to twinkle up above.

Back to our walk!

It’s such a beautiful evening. Take a few more deep breaths while we walk.

Wow, look up above – a crescent moon is shining bright!

Put your hands together and slowly reach to one side, and then the other.

It’s getting late, we’d better hurry.

Let’s go a little faster, and see if you can touch your elbows to the knees on your opposite side while we walk.

We’re here! Pause, and look around for a spot to watch the fireworks.

We found a great spot!

Come down to the ground, and spread your comfy blanket out to one side, and ten the other.

There are so many summer bugs flying around!

What kind of bug are you?

Do you hear that? The fireworks are starting!

Roll onto your back to look into the sky…

…and as you roll up – BOOM!

You’re a bright and noisy firework that explodes into the sky. What color firework are you?

Roll back, and do it again! Try this 3 times.

It’s ok if you need to use your hands to roll back up – being a firework is tough!

Slowly lower yourself back onto your blanket, and look up at the sky.

The firework show is so beautiful! What colors do you see?

Lift your legs up high, and twinkle your toes.

Can you reach the sparkling fireworks?

To make the fireworks for the grand finale, bring your hands together at your heart.

Slowly send your firework up into the sky, and twinkle your fingers down as the final fireworks of our show.

There are three fireworks in our grand finale!

Happy Fourth of July!

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