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Ribbon Wands

Include ribbon wands as a colorful, and calming way, to help children relax and meditate.

Here are some ideas on how to make ribbon wands, and how to incorporate them into your class as a breathing and calming exercise.

What you need:

  • Colorful ribbon, cut about 2 feet long
  • Wands

The ribbon wands can be made out of just about anything – wooden or plastic rings work well, as do dowels, or even chopsticks!

Choose a variety of ribbon colors. You can match them to a theme, or simply allow children to choose their favorites.

Tying the ribbon onto the wand is meditative, and can be done in a quiet room, or with gentle music playing in the background. Younger children may need some help, but encourage children do what they can.

How to use ribbon wands in class:

  • Have children stand on their yoga mat, or far enough apart that they have some personal space to move within.
  • Breathe up, into Upward Salute, while watching the ribbon flutter overhead.
  • Exhale, as bodies lower into Ragdoll Pose. Gently sway the ribbons side-to-side, relaxing, and breathing.
  • Return to standing upright, and slowly wave the ribbon wands, watching as the ribbons flutter and trail with movement.
  • Use the fluttering ribbons as an opportunity to spread love, happiness, or kind wishes into the world!

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