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Sahara Desert Tag

Explore the wildlife that lives in the Sahara Desert with a game of tag using animal-themed yoga poses! This game is best played in an open space, where kids are able to move their bodies freely. Bring this game into any open space, like a gym or yoga studio when kids can’t go outside, or play it in a grassy outdoor area.

Enjoy two different ways to play this game of yoga tag:

  • Standard Game of Tag: Children freeze in desert yoga poses when tagged.
  • Cooperative Game of Tag: Frozen children are released from their pose when two free children join hands over the frozen child to create a a sun shelter.

Remind children that they can switch poses while frozen!

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Here are 7 animals that live in the Sahara Desert, a little trivia about each one, and a matching yoga pose:

Camel – grow humps on your back and look up at the hot sun!

Monitor Lizard – this desert animal is so smart it knows how to count!

Ostrich – ostriches are some of the fastest animals in the Sahara.

Fennec Fox – these nocturnal animals have big ears and really fluffy tails.

Scorpion – the scorpion’s stinger is located at the tip of its long tail.

Antelope – on the endangered list, these animals have beautiful long horns.

Scarab beetle – the scarab beetle was often used in Egyptian art.

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