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Space Tag

Explore the excitement of outer space with a lively game of tag using space-themed yoga poses! This game is best played in an open space, where kids are able to move their bodies freely. Bring this game into any open space, like a gym or yoga studio when kids can’t go outside, or play it in a grassy outdoor area.

Enjoy two different ways to play this game of yoga tag:

Standard Game of Tag: Children freeze in space poses when tagged.

Cooperative Game of Tag: Have some children freeze in space poses, and others turn into a lunar rover. The lunar rovers drive around (crab walk). When a lunar rover reaches someone that is frozen, both children are freed and can run around again.

Remind children that they can change poses while frozen!

This game is an energy burning part of our Outer Space lesson plan!

Here are 7 space-themed yoga poses to bring to your game:

Telescope – look out into space!

Star – shine bright in the sky!

Lunar rover – you can use this pose to drive around and free frozen friends!

Rocket ship – take off from your shoulder and fly out over your head.

Shooting star – tip to one side, and then to the other.

Crescent moon – glow on one side, and then the other.

Meteor – watch out for falling rocks!

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