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Storm Watchers

As children create a thunderstorm with their bodies, they begin with big movements to release energy. As the storm winds down, children bring themselves to a calmer and more focused state of mind.

This yoga adventure is easy to incorporate into a classroom setting. Simply have children start behind their chairs, then transition to their seats for the seated portion of this sequence.

Storm Watchers is also a great way to help children settle down at the end of a yoga class.

Feel the wind beginning to blow – a storm is coming!

Deep breath in, and blow it out.

Strong winds are swirling all around.

Swing arms around your body as they blow in the wind!

Make the sound “CRASH!” of the thunder and turn into the bolt of lightning.

Remember, making the sound of thunder encourages breathing in the pose.

Reach up to the clouds.

Rain fingers down to the ground.

More thunder and lightning!

The thunder goes “CRASH!” as your body turns into a lightning bolt.

Reach even higher into the clouds.

The rain is starting to slow down.

Slowly rain your fingers down to the ground.

As the rain slows to a drizzle, come to your mat.

Reach up to the sky, and gently rain your fingers around you.

A gentle breeze blows away the last storm cloud.

Take a deep breath in, and slowly blow it out.

Look – a rainbow!

To encourage breathing in the pose, say the colors of the rainbow out loud as a group.

Remember to do both sides!

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