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Substitute Groundhog

Pat Miller

When Groundhog learns he is too sick to look for his shadow on Groundhog Day, he holds auditions with the other animals to see who can take his place.

Dr. Owl says Groundhog has the flu!

Mole goes down into Groundhog’s hole, then peeks up over the edge.

Eagle swoops down from the mountain ledge – remember to do both sides!

Bear crawls into the comfy cave – and falls asleep!

Squirrel and her bushy tail go in and out of Groundhog’s hole – remember to do both sides!

Armadillo crawls down into Groundhog’s hole.

Armadillo pokes her head up, and looks around.

She sees her shadow!

Groundhog imagines himself rolling in the warm grass.

A perfect-sized cowboy hat for Groundhog!

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