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Ten Little Christmas Presents

Jean Marzollo

Twinkle fingers to create the fine snow.

Give a happy little squeak – mouse gets earmuffs!

Owl says “HOOT!”, and gets a new vest.

Raccoon stays snug and warm with a brand new scarf.

Woodchuck reaches up to put on his new sweater!

Fox sends his bushy tail up to the sky – remember to do both sides!

Rabbit got a snowsuit – will the long ears fit inside?

Porcupine gets mittens – grow prickles on your back.

Stretch out in the snow – chipmunk gets a jacket!

Spread wings out wide – blue jay loves her new bonnet!

Squirrel’s tail stretches out long in the snow – remember to do both sides.

Santa Bear is hiding in the snow – Merry Christmas!

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