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Thanks for Thanksgiving

Julie Markes

Let’s see that turkey tail – give a little “gobble gobble”.

Twinkle fingers as gold leaves float gently from the branches.

Say the affirmation “I love to learn” while holding this strong pose.

Remember to do both sides!

Dance in place and say the affirmation “I love to move my body!”

Arms swing back-and-forth like the swings on a play date.

Piggyback rides!

Playful puppies and kitties roll on their backs.

Wiggle feet with red shoes and hands up for big hats!

Reach down to put on rain boots – remember to do both sides!

Give warm cozy cuddles.

Take a ride on a sled!

Take a deep breath, and blow a kiss.

Twinkle fingers for the stars up above.

For a fun group pose, have children line up to create a long Thanksgiving table!

Children can also stay on their mats to create a small table.

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