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The Animals’ Santa

Jan Brett

Even animals in the forest have Santa!

Little Snow and Big Snow have long, white ears!

The raven twins received a puzzle toy – remember to do both sides!

The squirrels found plump acorns – how full can you make their sack?

Fluff fox’s beautiful tail.

Wrap up in badger’s thick fur coat.

Only a polar bear can walk around in a blizzard – walk around on strong polar bear paws!

The moose has sturdy antlers growing tall.

Remember to do both sides!

Could the animals’ Santa be a wolf? Give a howl!

Little Snow’s feet stamp onto the ice.

Snuggle into the rabbit den.

There is no wind, sit very still.

Listen carefully – it’s the ice chimes!

Twinkly fingers down, as one gift after another gently falls from the sky.

Look up to see the snowy owl, then bring hands to your heart.

Merry Christmas!

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