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The Busy Little Squirrel

Nancy Tafuri

Squirrel has a busy day as he gets ready for winter – have fun with animal poses as all the animals ask Squirrel to play!

It’s time to get ready for winter!

Send Squirrel’s tail up to the sky – remember to do both sides.

Tuck down into a tiny mouse – “squeak, squeak!”

“Sweet, sweet” – rest on a branch with Bird!

“Croak, croak” – hop rocks with Frog.

Look up at the sky in Cow Pose, then…

“Meow, meow” – Cat asks Squirrel to lie in the sun.

“Woof, woof” – give little trot to run in the field with Dog.

“Hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo” – Owl’s big eyes look at the moon.

Squirrel is fast asleep!

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