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The Day the Crayons Came Home

Drew Daywalt

Paper clip is wrapped around Maroon crayon and is holding him together!

Pea Green runs away to see the world!

Neon Red crayon reaches high up to the sun – be careful not to get a burn!

Remember to do both sides.

Tip side-to-side as yellow and orange  mix together – the sun shining brightly in the sky!

Tan crayon (or is it Burnt Sienna?), lays on the rug all covered in carpet fuzz.

Open the front door for Esteban the Magnificent!

Remember which arm is opening the door…

Glow in the Dark crayon drew a tall witch’s hat.

Neon Red crayon is riding on a camel – grow some camel humps!

Put feet together to form a treasure chest, then scoop up the loot that Gold crayon colored in!

Esteban the Magnificent is back!

This time, open the door with your opposite arm.

Turquoise crayon is stuck to a sock!

Wiggle toes to try and get it off.

Big Chunky toddler crayon kicks like a donkey, but makes sounds like a monkey.

It’s a donkey-monkey!

Put on goggles to go snow skiing in the rain forest with Neon Red crayon!

It’s fun to laugh at Brown crayon and his drawing!

Now each crayon feels at home!

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