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The Day the Crayons Quit

Drew Daywalt

This is only the beginning of the story!

Be sure to follow along, as the crayons continue their journeys, in The Day the Crayons Came Home.

Drive the red fire truck around – making the sound of the siren encourages breathing!

A purple, fire-breathing dragon!

Beige wheat grows tall in the field.

Clasp hands together to make the gray elephant’s long trunk – gently sway the trunk back and forth.

White snowflakes blow around to create a blizzard!

Toss a black beach ball around!

Green trees grow tall and strong – remember to do both sides!

The yellow sun shines bright and strong.

Lift hands up, and feel the warmth of the orange sun shine down!

Twinkle fingers, as blue raindrops fall from blue rain clouds.

Pink dinosaurs are a great idea!

Remember to do both sides.

Peach crayon stays tucked inside the crayon box.

Think of all the fun and creative ways to use the colors in the crayon box!

What’s the silliest idea?

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