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The First Day of Winter

Denise Fleming

Have fun and do the pose each time a child brings you a gift!
For an added challenge, do each pose at the end of the final gift list.

Engage children to sing with you to encourage breathing and group participation.

This sing-a-long story is filled with possibilities!

Bring the red cap with the gold snap up to your head.

FREEZE – and show to bright blue mittens!

Striped scarves blow around in the wind.

Arms make the prickles on the pinecones.

Create a little pocket of birdseed.

Count six tiny twigs from the tree – remember to do both sides!

Stretch arms and legs to create the shape of the maple leaf.

Eight orange berries are resting on fingertips!

Big black buttons roll into place.

Step feet apart and wiggle toes, as 10 salty peanuts finish the snowman!

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