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The Gruffalo’s Child

Julia Donaldson

This delightful book is the sequel to The Gruffalo.

The Big Bad Mouse is terribly strong, with a scaly tail that is terribly long.

Remember to do both sides!

Tiptoe out of the gruffalo cave.

Slide out from under the log pile house.

Twinkle fingers as the snow falls fast.

Two eyes up in the treetop house.

Down flew owl…

Twinkle fingers as the snow falls fast.

Fox slinks out of his underground house – his tail isn’t scaly.

Remember to do both sides.

Here comes a little mouse, out of his house.

Out came the moon…

Jump down from the twig, and give a big smile.

Head into the gruffalo cave.

The gruffalos snored and snored and snored.

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