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The Mitten

Jan Brett

The Mitten makes an excellent group activity!

  1. Choose one child to be each animal, and the rest of the children will make the mitten.
  2. The mitten children sit in a circle toe-to-toe, in Wide Angle Stretch, and lean in to hold hands.
  3. As the story is read, each animal climbs into the mitten, holding the pose as long as they are comfortable.
  4. Baba’s good knitting needs to hold fast! The mitten can lean and pull, but no letting go of hands!
  5. When mouse enters, it tickles bear’s nose.
  6. Bear sneezes, all of the mitten children lift their hands above them, and the animals scatter out of the circle.
  7. The mitten is still together (with feet), but it is all stretched out (hands overhead).

Climb the tree with Nicki – oh no! The mitten dropped in the snow.

Tunnel through the snow, and help mole tuck into the cozy mitten.

The big ears of the snowshoe rabbit poke out of the mitten!

Snuffle along, and create the prickles on hedgehog’s back.

Swoop down, and balance on owl’s glinty talons.

March in place as you climb through the snow, then FREEZE, and hold up badger’s strong diggers.

Show fox’s long tail as he pokes his muzzle into the mitten – remember to do both sides!

Lumber around in the snow, then bring bear back to the mitten.

Mouse settles on top of the great bear’s nose.

Give a great big bear sneeze!

Create the roof of the house, and think of how warm and cozy it is inside.

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