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The Night Before the Fourth of July

Natasha Wing

Put on your red, white, and blue!

It’s the night before the Fourth of July, and everyone is getting ready for hotdogs, parades, and fireworks. Let’s join the fun, with yoga!

Lift your arm high, as you hang your American flag from your porch stand!

Remember to do both sides.

Tip: It’s ok if children need to rest their lower knee on the floor to help with balance. For the youngest yogis, you can also use Giraffe Pose.

Put on your shoes – see if you can reach the stars on them!

Remember to do both sides.

Build your USA cake float!

Set up a picnic table, and see if you can balance goodies and burgers on your table top.

It’s starting to pour – quick race through the door!

Squeeze in tight to make room for everyone.

Then spread your arms out wide, and squeeze in again, this time with your opposite arm on top.

Take a deep breath in, and blow away the rain clouds.

Draw circles in the air with your sparklers!

Now switch sides, and show me the glow sticks on your wrists.

Launch fireworks high into the night – twinkle your toes!

Fill the sky with color from the grand finale.

Then as the last firework fizzles in the sky…

…let’s say it together, “Happy Fourth of July!”

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