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The Runaway Bunny

Margaret Wise Brown

Become a fish in a trout stream and swim away.

Become a fisherman’s pole, and fish for the little bunny.

Become a rock on a mountain, high above.

Become the mountain climber, and climb up to where the little bunny is.

Be a crocus in a hidden garden.

Be a gardener, and sprinkle water over the crocus.

Be a bird and fly away – remember to do both sides.

Be a tree that the little bunny comes home to – remember to do both sides.

Become a little sailboat, and sail away.

Become the wind, and blow the little bunny to where he should go.

Join a circus, and fly away on a flying trapeze.

Be a tightrope walker, and walk across the air.

Become a little boy and run into a house.

Become a mother and catch the little boy in your arms.

Stay and be the little bunny.

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