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The Runaway Pumpkin

Anne Margaret Lewis

A cute little pumpkin is ready for a Halloween adventure.

Join the little pumpkin and his mom, with yoga, as they explore all of the fun festivities that this holiday has to offer!

Put on your parachute backpack, and bring your broomstick up to your shoulder. Fly it out, across the town!

Remember to do both sides.

Build the spookiest haunted house, and make your spookiest ghost noises.

Reach down, put on your monster shoes, then dance the Monster Mash!

Join your friends in the mummy wrap contest.

Get ready, set, wrap!

Put on your fake glasses, and make your best ever pumpkin face.

Let’s get going, as you walk from house to house…

…then FREEZE and say “trick-or-treat”!

Do it again!

Hop onto your hayride! Keep your tummy up, so your Halloween treats don’t fall off.

If you have the space, crab walk around as you go for a ride.

Roll back, as you explore Halloween together.

See if you can roll back up without using your hands.

Do it again!

Happy Halloween!

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