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The Snail and the Whale

Julia Donaldson

Listen to the tale of a tiny snail, and his journey as he sets sail!

The other snails in the flock, stick tight to the smooth black rock.

Are you the smooth black rock? Or a snail?

The humpback whale, immensely long, sings the snail a wonderful song – remember to do both sides.

Carry the snail on your whale tail!

Gently tip back and forth, as the waves arch and crash.

Tuck into the cave with the colorful fish and sharks with grins.

Look up to the sky, so very high…

…that is sometimes filled with lightening bolts.

Gaze at the sky, the sea, and the land.

Slowly move arms and legs, as the tide slips away.

The whale lies beached in a bay.

As fingers twinkle down, quietly make the sound of a bell.

Lift the snail up high overhead…

…then lower hands to your heart, as the snail and the whale share their wonderful tail.

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