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The Snow Tree

Caroline Repchuk

Take a calming breath, as the wind answers with silence.

Lynx holds the leaves in his mouth, then looks up to give them to bear (flow into cow pose).

Squirrel’s berries remind us of the flowers – bloom into a beautiful flower!

Blue Jay flies down with feathers in his beak – remember to do both sides.

Wrap yourself in Mink’s velvety brown fur.

Raccoon comes over, with fresh green shoots.

Reindeer slowly moves through the snow – remember to do both sides.

Bunting lands on a nearby branch.

Arctic Fox carries silver icicles – with a bushy tail high to the sky.

Remember to do both sides!

Moose brings a golden star – shine light to all the creatures in the forest.

Twinkle fingers – the tree is filled with beautiful colors!

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