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The Snowy Day

Ezra Jack Keats

Take a fun winter journey on your yoga mat!

Enjoy all of your favorite outdoor winter activities with yoga poses.

Twinkle fingers down, as snow falls through the night.

The snow is piled higher than Peter’s head!

Walk around (or walk in place) with toes walking out, then in. Then drag feet slowly.

Feel the snow on the cold tree branches – remember to do both sides.

Plop! Snow falls on Peter.

Snowball fight!

Build a smiling snowman!

And make angels.

Climb up the tall mountain of snow!

Slide all the way down the mountain.

Reach around to place a snowball in one pocket, then the other.

Reach to take wet socks off one foot, then the other.

Create the bathtub, and the sailboat.

Look for the snowballs in one pocket, and then the other.

Feel the warmth of the sun melting all the snow away.

New snow is falling everywhere!

Bring your hands together, and look forward to the next time you get to head into the snow!

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