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The Spooky Box

Mark Gonyea

Can you guess what’s inside the spooky box?

This story is great year round, but the orange and black colors and spooky theme make it perfect for Halloween!

Someone left a box!

What could be inside?

Is it full of bats? Flap those bat wings!

Or full of rats? Send that rat tail up to the sky.

It could be spiders! Stand on top of all those old bones.

Maybe it’s snakes.

What if it’s a haunted cake?

It could also be live bugs… crawl around!

Get ready to open that box.

What is all that thumping?

That squid doesn’t belong here!

Toads are hopping everywhere!

How could a robot with laser eyes fit in this box?

This time, really open the box.

Get ready.


Could those boxes hold two evil puppets?

What do you think is in the box?

Hold the pose of what you think it is – then share with the group!

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