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The Tiny Seed

Eric Carle

One tiny seed overcomes tremendous obstacles, on its journey to grow into gigantic flower!

Take deep breaths in and out and swirl the strong wind all around – the tiny seed blows far across the land.

Lift hands up to the sky – one seed flies up too high, and is burned by the sun’s hot rays.

Stand strong, as another seed lands on your tall and icy mountain.

Tip to one side, as the seeds fly over the ocean.

Tip to the other side, as the seeds drift over the desert.

A bird comes along and eats one seed – remember to do both sides.

Fingers twinkle down as the snow falls, covering the seeds like a soft white blanket.

A big fat weed grows, and takes all the sun and rain from one of the new plants.

A flower grew!

The tiny seed grows on and on!

Slowly grow from the ground into a giant flower.

Leaves and petals stretch out for visiting birds, bees, and butterflies!

Stretch to one side, as the wind carries yellow and red leaves past the flower.

Stretch to the other side, as the story circles back around. The seed pod opens, and the wind carries away many tiny seeds.

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