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The Wind Blew

Pat Hutchins

The wind blows and blows and takes everything with it, in this weather-themed story.

As a calming complement, have children spend time coloring in the weather mandala.

The wind blew.

The umbrella flies up, and turns inside out!

Try to hold onto the balloon, as it sweeps up to the sky – remember to lean to both sides.

As your hand extends up, blow the hat up to the sky!

Remember to do both sides.

Keep the kite spinning around!

Grab the shirt, and tip side-to-side, as you toss it up to the sky.

Up and up the hanky goes – remember to do both sides!

Lift the wig from the judge’s head – remember to do both sides!

Whirl the postman’s letters up.

Arms go up as the wind steals the flag from the pole.

Two scarves get tossed into the air!

Wiggle toes as newspapers flutter around.

Gently mix everything up.

Bring arms and legs to your mat, as everything comes down.

Take a deep breath, and blow it away to sea.

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