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Time For Bed

Mem Fox

Use these calming, animal-themed yoga poses to help children wind down for naps, bedtime, or quiet time.

It’s time for bed, little mouse.

Slowly spread out goose’s wings – remember to do both sides.

Quietly meow, as the cat snuggles in.

Then round up to the sky and give a quiet laugh and moo.

Whisper a secret as foal’s tail gently goes up to the sky – remember to do both sides.

Lower down to form fish’s fin, and make a wish.

Relax even deeper, as little sheep kneels down.

Tuck little bird into the nest.

Take a deep breath and gently fly bee’s wings to settle into the flower.

Stretch out little snake’s long body, press up, and give a good night “hiss”.

Prepare for sleep, as little pup snuggles down.

Gently roll to the side, as little deer gets the very last kiss.

Lay comfortably in bed – good night!

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